What's the Share on Rabbit Chrome extension?


The Share extension is a Google Chrome extension that makes it possible to broadcast any tab you have open in Chrome inside Rabbit. That means you can: 

  • Stream Netflix from any country (or any website we're working to get hopping)
  • Share region-specific videos (e.g. BBC iPlayer, Food Network Canada)
  • Use Chrome extensions with your favorite sites
  • Play videos even when the video player won't work inside the Rabbitcast
  • Log in websites outside of Rabbit
  • Load content into Rabbit without using the remote


How To Get Started

Getting started is simple!



  • Install the extension
  • Sign into Rabbit and go to your Group
  • Open a video room.
  • Load the website you want to share in a separate Chrome tab
  • Click the extension's icon (while on the tab you want to share)
  • Then click Start Sharing

💡 Tip: Make sure your connection is strong. Play around with the settings in the Share Extension (click the gear icon and change the quality) for easy streaming.


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