How to control the Rabbitcast on Mobile (Android, iOS)

Controlling the Mouse

Controlling the Rabbitcast on mobile can be a little tricky, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

First, tap the Rabbitcast, or video screen. This will display several icons under your video.

Click the Control icon, or second icon as indicated below. 


You'll see a few options to help you control Play/Pause, Fullscreen, Up (scroll up), Down (scroll down), or Keyboard.

  When you're finished, tap Done (the orange text in the corner) to stop using the mouse.

To bring up the keyboard

Click the chat field on the bottom of your screen. 


Sharing the Mouse

You can pass the remote to users by tapping on their avatar. This will bring up a list of menu options. From these options select Pass Rabbitcast Remote

If you change your mind, or want to steal the remote, tap on the avatar of whoever has the remote to bring up the menu of options again. This time, select Steal Rabbitcast Remote.



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