Rabbitcast videos keep buffering

Sounds like the Rabbitcast is buggy, or the video your watching is not playing well in the Rabbitcast. 

First thing to try is to getting a new Rabbitcast:

  1. In the toolbar, click the icon next to the remote to Stop the Rabbitcast


  2. Click Yes in the pop up to confirm closing the Rabbitcast
  3. Use the Launchpad to navigate back to the video
  4. Try the video again

See improvement? It was likely just a buggy Rabbitcast. Now go get your video party on!


Videos still buffering? The website or video in the Rabbitcast is having issues.

  1. Send feedback from the room while the Rabbitcast is open and the video is buffering.
  2. Include the video URL you're trying to watch so we can test it out.
  3. If you're on a computer, and can play the video in Chrome, try the Share on Rabbit extension to share it directly into Rabbit.



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