How do I change my name, profile pic, etc?


Here's how to change your account info on the Web:

  1. On the top right, click My Account
  2. In the drop down, click Account Settings
  3. Click the Edit button
    • Update your info: name, username, email address, room name, mobile number, profile pic, and password
  4. Once done, click Save

The orange Save button will appear once information has changed. After pressing save, refresh the page to see changes.


Here's how to change your account info on the mobile app:

  1. Launch the mobile app
  2. Tap on your profile pic on the top left
  3. On the Settings page, tap My Account
  4. On the My Account page
    • Tap on the entries you'd like to update
    • Note: You can only update the following settings on mobile:
      1. Profile Pic
      2. Full Name
      3. Username
      4. Password
    • Want to update your email address or password? Visit Rabbit from a computer and follow the steps above, for Web.
  5. Tap the back arrow next to My Account. Your changes are saved automatically.


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