How do I invite people to my room?

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There are tons of ways to do this on web!

To bring these options up, select the Friends icon  . This will launch the pop-up shown below:

  • Rabbit Friends List. This toggles your friends list on Rabbit so you can invite friends to your room. Search for friends by typing their name or scrolling through the list.
  • Messenger. Send your Facebook friends a link to your room through Messenger.
  • Facebook. This shares your Rabbit link to your Facebook wall.
  • Twitter. This makes a tweet to your timeline inviting users to join your room.
  • Email. This allows you to send an email to a friend inviting them to join you.
  • Link. This displays a link you and copy and paste to manually invite friends.


Rabbit Friends List

When you select a friend or friends to join your room, you'll find a list of all selected invitees to the right of the popup. You can also hover over a friend's name and remove them from the list by clicking the X. Click the orange Invite button to send your friend(s) an invite to your room.


When you select the Facebook icon, a pop-up window with a Facebook link will appear that you can share with friends on Facebook. Make sure you’re logged into Facebook and pop-ups are enabled.


When you select the Twitter icon, this will launch a window with a pre-written tweet and link to your room you can edit and share with friends on Twitter. Make sure you’re logged into Twitter and pop-ups are enabled. 


When you select the Rabbit icon, this will launch a window with a form you can fill out to send an email to a friend. 


After you fill it out and press Invite, your friend will receive an email with a link to your room.


When you select the link icon, this will launch a pop-up with a link to your room.


Simply copy it and paste it to friends wherever you want: instant message, a website, anywhere.

Mobile (Android, iOS)

At the top of your screen, you'll see an icon of a person with a plus sign next to it. Tap it.


This will take you to a page with a list of options for inviting people to your room. Tap on the orange INVITE button.

Share Room Link

Allows you to copy a link to your room to send to people.


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