The site I’m trying to access won’t load

If you're seeing this screen below, it means we're still working to restore access to this website in your area. Check here for more information and a workaround.



Otherwise, refresh the page and give Rabbit a moment. Sometimes the issue will sort itself out automatically. Then if the issue is still occurring, send us feedback with the issue you're experiencing so we can get it fixed then try one of these solutions:

  • Turn off adblock: Click the blue power button. When it turns grey, adblock is turned off.


  • Create a new or close and restart Rabbitcast until you get one that works:


  • Use the Share extension. If none of these solutions help, the site may not currently be working with Rabbit. As a workaround, you can use our Share extension, which will enable you to stream anything you have open in a Chrome tab into Rabbit.
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