How do I adjust my microphone and camera?



  • Room owners can turn off A/V for everyone in the Room Menu.
  • To turn off specific users' A/V, click on their chat bubble, then Mute Audio / Video.
  • To save your preferences (start with A/V on/off), go to My Account > Audio & Video Settings

To turn your microphone and camera on and off, click the icons on on the bottom left of the room. You'll see them above the Room Menu. When the icon is orange, it is on.

Below, the camera and microphone are turned off and on.


Rabbit for Mobile (Android, iOS)

To turn on (or off) your microphone and camera in the mobile app, turn your device to portrait mode. Then, tap on the icons between the chat box and the purple Explore & Watch button.

When the icon is orange, then it's ON

Below, both mic and camera are OFF.




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