How do I change the quality of the Rabbitcast?

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If you're not satisfied with the quality of your stream, you can switch between low definition and high definition on the Rabbitcast. Be warned, it's best not to enable HD if you're on a slow connection. (You can try these tips for improving your connection.)



When something is playing in the Rabbitcast, you'll see an icon labeled HD or LD at the bottom of your screen. Click on it to make your Rabbitcast high definition (HD) or low definition (LD).

By default, the Rabbitcast is in high definition (HD icon is orange) unless we've detected a low bandwidth connection. To change the quality of your Rabbitcast, click it so that it changes to LD. The icon will turn white, letting you know that high definition is OFF.

Rabbit for Mobile (Android, iOS)

Tap the Rabbitcast (the shared video). This will bring up several icons. Select HD. This will improve the quality of the Rabbitcast.

If the HD icon is orange, this means HD is ON. If it's white, HD is turned OFF.


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