What's a featured room? (What does the star icon mean?)

Featured rooms are the first rooms you see in the Watch Now tab. From the Watch Now tab, you can join a room that is featured. If you want to host your own featured room, read on.

All featured rooms will have the ⭐️ icon on it, like this:



How do I feature my room?


When you have something playing in the Rabbitcast, a ⭐️  icon will appear on the control bar on the bottom left of your screen. Hover over it and see this pop-up.


Once you choose to feature your room, the option to change your room settings to "Locked" or "Friends Only" will be disabled. The feature to "Disable A/V for All" will also be disabled.

What if I don't want to feature my room?

Click on the star icon again, so that it is just the outline of the star.



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