Why are there photos/videos of me in my room?

Auto-generated selfies, or selfies you can take in your room, are another way to share what's hoppin' in Rabbit when you're on your computer. 

Note: We are working to expand this feature to iOS and Android phones.


How to take a selfie

  • Something has to be playing in the Rabbitcast
  • Other people have to be in the room with you

If both of those things are happening, you'll see a camera icon 📷 on the control bar, like this:


When you click the camera icon, it will take the photo of everyone in the room, as well as whatever is playing on the screen.

Once you take the photo, a pop-up will allow you to customize this before you post it to your timeline.


  • Caption. Make your selfie a little more personal by adding some text before you post.
  • Privacy. Choose whether you want this selfie to be viewable by Everyone, or to your Friends

Last thing, just click on Post.


How can I tell if a selfie is private or not?                         

Here's how to know who can see a selfie:

  • Globe 🌎 icon means everyone can see it
  • Friends 👥 icon means your friends can see it

How do I take the auto-generated selfie off my profile/timeline?

Don’t want anyone to see it? Remove it from your profile by clicking on the three dots and then Delete.


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