How to Host a Great Rabbit Event


Picture this: you've picked the perfect thing to watch. Your snack stash is fully-stocked. You've found the best time to soak up a whole season of your favorite TV show. Everything is set...or is it?

All that's left to do is scheduling an event to have others hop in and join in on the fun. Here are some tips to host your best Rabbit chat ever.

Share something awesome

Not sure what to share? Anything that is happening right now is always a great place to start—awards shows, major sporting events, season premieres—you name it. But really, as long as you're showing something you enjoy, you'll be on the right track to hosting an awesome event on Rabbit.

Schedule the event

What are you watching? When does it start? These deets will be shared with everyone on Rabbit once your event is created.

Guests who RSVP to the event will be able to join an event chat (it helps with pumping each other up before the event starts!) and they will get a notification and a link to join your room whenever you let them know the event has started. And when the event begins, you can set it as open for everyone in Rabbit to see. 

Haven't scheduled an event yet? Learn exactly how to do that here.

💡 Pro tip: Use a GIF for your event photo!

Let people know about it


"Who", "What", and "When" are all the things you'll need to share to build a crowd (and their excitement!) for your event. And hey, you may get lucky and have people join your room as soon as you start it. 

After you create your event, you'll see an event landing page. The link to the event landing page is all you need to spread the word about your upcoming binge-fest.


Stick around and chat with your guests!


The best hosts invite others to join, but also know how to read the room: does everyone want to keep the conversation going, or does everyone want to quietly watch?

Strike up a conversation

What's special about Rabbit is that everyone that joins a room is different. Ask how everyone is doing, or where they're from. Notice a lull during the chat? Ask the crowd if they've seen a similar movie, or been to a game of that team. Or hey, just type "/giphy" + a random word and see what kind of GIFs pop up!

Most people want to chat and be social, so keep the conversation going. New people who join in will see an interesting chat and will feel more welcome when joining.

Invite More People via Social Media

In your Rabbit room, click your room name on the bottom left, then Invite People. You'll see options to share your room on Facebook, Twitter, directly to friends in your Friend's List, and via email. You also have the option to copy your room URL to share anywhere online.

Once shared, anyone who clicks on the link will be brought to your room. It's the easiest way to get people to join in!

Mind the trolls

We're working extra hard to keep Rabbit a safe and fun place for everyone. But in case of fire, we have several things to help: Reporting, Kicking, and Banning.

If someone joins your room to ruin the party, click on their username in the chat to open their mini profile:

Mini_profile_chat.png Mini_profile_chat_tray.png

  • Kick out: Click this option and the user will get kicked from the room immediately.
  • Report: Use this option to send a report of the user what's going on directly to Rabbit.
  • Block: Select this, and the blocked person will be kicked out and unable to rejoin. You can block ANYONE in Rabbit.

Have fun!

There ain't no party like a Rabbit party, 'cause a Rabbit party is full of awesomeness. A full chat, a great show to share, and lively conversation make for some of the best chats in Rabbit. Just don't forget to invite us! 

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