How to create an event

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On the Web

From the Events tab

Open the Launchpad Screen_Shot_2017-09-07_at_9.45.23_AM.png and head to Events. Up top, you'll see Create an Event (it's right next to Explore Events)

From the feed

Click on the orange Rabbit logo on the top left corner of your screen. You'll see this window at the top of your page. Click on Create Event.

How to get started

  • When the pop-up appears, type/paste the video link that you want to host
    • An image will automatically load once a link is added, but you can choose your own image when you click on the Upload Image button. Click Next when you're ready.

  • A new pop-up will appear with more options:
    • Give your event a name! The name of the video will automatically load, but you can edit as necessary. Just click on the title to make changes.
    • Set the date and time.
    • Decide if your event is for Everyone or Friends Only

  • Let people find your event by choosing what tags or categories relate to your video.
  • Click Done to create the event.



On Mobile (Android, iOS)

  • Tap the calendar icon on the bottom toolbar (it looks like this Screen_Shot_2017-09-07_at_10.16.51_AM.png)
  • Tap the button on the upper right corner
  • You'll come to a screen that looks like this

  • Up top, tap Public Event to decide if this event is for everyone (Public) or just friends (Friends Only)


  • Upload an image will allow you to upload a custom image for your event
  • Give your event a name. Reference what you'll be hosting, or name your event something more general (ex. "Karaoke Night") 
  • Where will you be streaming from? Include a link to the video you'll be hosting
    • An image will automatically load, based on the link you add
  • When will your event start? Set the day and time.
  • Select tags to describe your event. This helps others find your event to join.
  • Tap Schedule Event.


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