Are my communications in Rabbit secure?

Is Rabbit safe to use? Absolutely. 

All audio, video, and text communications are securely transmitted. The entire Rabbit experience is secure and private.

Rabbit uses https for all interactions with our servers. Video and audio are encrypted using industry-standard SRTP. And the virtual computers used for Rabbitcasts are reset and cleared of all personal data and anything you entered or typed after use. No personal data entered into the Rabbitcast shared with others, and login information is saved only if you ask us to save it.

Do I still need to protect myself? Yes.

Rabbit is a free, vibrant, social community full of users from all over the world. Protect yourself first, and use common sense.

DO NOT do the following with people you don't know personally, and trust:

  • Share your personal information (real name, location, connections)
  • Share your contact information (email, phone number, mailing address)
  • Share photographs or recordings of yourself or your friends and family
  • Enable your microphone and/or camera devices
  • Pass control of the Rabbitcast, especially while you're logged into your personal accounts
  • Click suspicious links posted in the chat
  • Share your Rabbit account information with other users (AKA, use shared accounts)

DO treat Rabbit as if it's a public space, and the Rabbitcast as if it's your own personal device. Your information is vulnerable in the wrong hands, so don't volunteer it.

Can I trust the Rabbit team? Definitely.

Nearly* all official communication with the Rabbit team is via email, directly in Rabbit, or social media channels Twitter and Facebook. Our email addresses end in, and our Support emails are managed via Zendesk.

Our team will only request personal information from you in order to:

  1. Confirm your Rabbit account, or locate your emails to us (we'll need your Rabbit username)
  2. Verify your account or reset your password (we'll need your email address)
  3. Mail you Rabbit swag for being awesome (we'll need your mailing address and shirt size)

Rabbit will never share your account information with anyone else** and we're sticklers for privacy. (And if someone on our team would do something malicious with your info, we've got bigger problems.)

*You may also hear from us on Instagram or Reddit, or spot a Rabbit-shirt wearing team member near our HQ in Burlingame, CA.
**If found doing, sharing, or inciting to share something illegal, we'll share your information with law enforcement. See our Community Guidelines.

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