How many people can be in a room?

Up to 200! But when A/V is on, you can have twenty-five (25) people join you in a Rabbit room at the same time.

Rooms that exceed twenty-five (25) people are called party rooms.


What does it mean to have a party room?

Web and Mobile

A party room is when there are more than 25 people in one room at the same time. The maximum amount of people for a party room is 200 (including the room owner/host).

In rooms of this size, A/V will automatically be disabled in an effort to make the room all about the Rabbitcast. A banner notification will appear in the Rabbitcast, notifying everyone who is currently in the room that A/V will be disabled.

Once a room has more than 25 viewers, the ability to Pin Everyone will also be disabled. 

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