I can't see or hear someone

Quick fix: Quick, then restart your browser. No luck?


1. Pinpoint who's having issues

First, pinpoint who's having issues and see what device they're on.

  • If you can see/hear your friend, but they can't see/hear you, something is probably wrong with your audio/video.
  • If your friends can see/hear you, but you can't see/hear them, something is probably wrong with their audio/video.


2. Check whether your device supports A/V

Not all mobile devices are able to support audio/video on Rabbit.

  • Android. Any devices not operating on Android OS 4.4 or higher will not be able to support Rabbit.
  • iOS. iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPod Touch 5th generation are not powerful enough to support viewing a Rabbitcast and using the microphone at the same time. (Your microphone will turn off when a Rabbitcast is loaded.)


3. Check if A/V is turned off in the room

Make sure A/V isn't turned off for...


4. Make sure everyone's mic/camera is turned on



Have everyone look at their avatar in the bottom left of their screen. (If you have your camera on, you’ll see your camera feed instead of your avatar. New accounts will see a bunny if they haven’t set their avatar.)



Microphone is turned on; camera is turned off.


To the left of everyone's avatar/camera feed, they'll see three icons. The first two icons control the camera and microphone. If the buttons are...

  • Orange: Your microphone/camera is turned on.
  • Gray: Your microphone/camera is turned off. Here's how to turn your microphone/camera on.



In portrait orientation, you'll see several icons at the bottom of your screen. The icons on the right control your microphone and camera. 

If the buttons are...

  • Orange: Your microphone/camera is turned on.
  • White: Your microphone/camera is turned off. Here's how to turn your microphone/camera on.


5. Create a new room

If everyone in the room is having issues, this could be an issue with the room itself. Try moving to a friend's room, creating a random room (rabb.it/start), or re-loading your current room.



Have whoever opened the room close the room (Click your room name then End Room for All at the bottom of the screen), re-open the room (by going to rabb.it/USERNAME), and inviting everyone back again.


Sometimes you'll get unlucky and get the same room so you may have to do this 2-3 times to get a different room.



In portrait orientation, collapse the Rabbitcast by tapping the icon on the top left.

On the next screen, tap End on the bottom right.


6.A Mobile Only- Check the app

  • Make sure the Rabbit app is up to date.
  • Try reinstalling the app.


6.B Web Only- Check Rabbit/browser settings

If you're on web, check Rabbit's settings. At the top of your screen, click your avatar then Settings from the drop menu.


 This will launch a pop-up box. At the top of this box, select the Audio/Video tab.


Audio is enabled; camera is disabled.


This will show you whether your camera/microphone have been disabled inside Rabbit. Options will differ per browser; make sure neither camera nor microphone are disabled- e.g. (DISABLE CAMERA)

If they are disabled and you choose to enable them or let your browser decide, this will generally launch a box at the top left of your browser with permissions:


Make sure the right camera/microphones are being shared. Then allow access (SHARE SELECTED DEVICES).

If your audio/mic doesn't work automatically, you may need to refresh the Rabbit room to see changes.


Check your browser settings

If your camera/microphone still isn't working on the web, this may mean your browser is having issues and you'll need to try these solutions:


7. Still not working?

 Send feedback so we can help troubleshoot.




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