What is a room?

A room is a space where you and other Rabbit users can video chat, message, surf the web, and watch videos together. 

💡 Tip: When you sign up, you'll get a custom room URL: rabb.it/YOURUSERNAME and the ability to customize your room name.

There are three main areas inside your room: 

  • The Rabbitcast, or shared screen where you can watch videos or surf the web together. It's like a shared internet browser that anyone inside the room can control. Click here to learn more.

  • Messages, or the text chat. This is a chat where you can speak to everyone in the room as well as share images, gifs, and emojis.

  • Video chat, which will replace your avatar underneath the Rabbitcast with your camera feed if you decide to turn your webcam on. (It's off by default!) You can also turn on your microphones here.

The other buttons and icons control the Rabbitcast and your room settings.


From top to bottom, these room options include:

  • Invite People. This button allows you to invite friends to your room through a link, social media, email, and your friends list.
  • Room Settings.
    • Theater Mode On. Enter Fullscreen. 😊
    • Pin Everyone. Puts everyone's avatar front and center so you can give everyone equal attention.
    • Hide Everyone. The opposite of pinning everyone! This lets you hide avatars to have a full(er) screen viewing experience.
    • Disable A/V for All. This disables everyone's mics and webcams so no one can turn on A/V in your room.
  • End Room for All. Closes the room so that it can be reset and everyone is forced out.
  • Leave This Room. ✌️

  • Unlocked. Anyone can join your room without having to ask permission.
  • Locked. Locking your room makes it so that people have to request access to join (keeping out strangers or unwanted guests if you publicly share a link) You can learn more about locking your room here
    Recommended: lock your room before closing the Rabbit window/logging out!
  • Friends Only. Friends can hop into your room without having to ask permission.
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