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What is a Rabbitcast?

The Rabbitcast is a shared screen where you can watch videos, play games, or surf the web together. It functions like a internet browser that anyone inside the room can control.

And the best part? Everyone in a room will see and hear the exact same thing at the same time.


Starting the Rabbitcast 

When you first enter your room, the Launchpad will be the first thing you see.


The Launchpad allows you to start and control a Rabbitcast. It contains tabs and icons for popular videos, as well as a search / URL entry bar (just like your browser).

Either click on content inside one of the top tabs:

Or enter a URL or text to search for something at the top left:




Opening/Closing the Launchpad

You can close the Launchpad by clicking the screen icon at the bottom middle. (It will also open the Launchpad if you'd like to pull it up again.)



 Adjusting the Rabbitcast

You'll see several icons you can use to adjust and control the Rabbitcast:


 From left to right:

  • Launchpad "Find Content". Opens and closes the launchpad. Also starts the Rabbitcast.  
    • If you click on content in the launchpad, your current Rabbitcast will automatically switch to what you've selected.
  • Stop Rabbitcast "Stop Sharing". Closes the Rabbitcast.
  • Remote "Release Control". Used for navigating the Rabbitcast. Once the remote is selected and orange, you can control the Rabbitcast with the onscreen mouse.
  • HD "Rabbitcast Quality". This adjusts the quality of your stream (for you, not other viewers). LD is recommended for users with a poor connection, HD has the best picture quality.
  • Volume. This adjusts the volume of the Rabbitcast (only for you, not others in your room).
    • Mute. Click on the volume icon to mute the Rabbitcast (only for you, not others.)


How to go fullscreen

At the top of the Rabbitcast, click the fullscreen icon as shown below:


(Pro tip: hide the chat to go *fuller* fullscreen)


Using the remote

The remote is used to control the Rabbitcast. When you have control of the remote, it will display a cursor that follows your mouse around on the Rabbitcast. Use it just like you would your mouse to to select areas on the screen and type.


Sharing the remote

Anyone can take control of the remote so long as it’s not in use. If the remote is...

  • Orange. You have control of the remote and can control the Rabbitcast.
  • White. The remote is up for grabs and anyone can click it to use it.
  • Gray. Someone else has control of the remote

To pass the remote to other people in your room, tap the remote so that it turns white.


Then anyone else in the room can select the remote and use it.

Note: You won't be able to share the remote while using the Share extension (as it's sharing a particular user's Chrome tab) and, because of regional content restrictions, users in different countries won't be able to share the remote on websites like Netflix

Taking the remote 

If you’re inside your personal room ( or a room you created, you can take control of the remote at any time by stealing it. Simply select the remote icon and a pop-up will appear that asks if you want to take the remote. Select the orange Take it button.





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