How to control the Rabbitcast on Web


How do I start a Rabbitcast?

Use the Explore & Watch button to open the launchpad. Choose content to watch using the TV/Movies or Youtube tabs, or use the Web tab to navigate to whatever site you'd like.

See the "Enter a URL" option on the Web tab? Enter any URL to get their easily in the Rabbitcast.


What does starting a Rabbitcast look like?

Here's what you'll see when you select Google on the Web tab in a Public Room.

Note: Not in a Public Room, but a Group Room? You won't be prompted to add your room to a category.


How do I control the Rabbitcast?

Use your computer's cursor to control the Rabbitcast. You can click, drag, and type in it like your own browser. 

Note: If your connection isn't strong, you may experience lag, and delay when using the cursor.


Can other people control the Rabbitcast?

Yep! See the remote below the Rabbittcast? If it's orange, that means YOU have control. If it's white, then it's up for grabs and anyone in the room can take it.

Simply click on the remote to put the Rabbitcast control up for grabs. As room owner, you can grab the remote at any time. It's like stealing the remote at home!


How do I control a video started directly in the launchpad?

When you start a video using the TV/Movies or Youtube tab, you don't launch a normal Rabbitcast. Instead, you get a simpler experience with basic controls. Play, Pause, Volume control, and Fullscreen are the only options you'll see.

Why? If you know the video you'd like to watch, this function lets you launch it and play it faster than ever. No need to navigate around a browser (which can be tricky on small screens), just go straight to the video.


Note: There's no remote when a video is launched directly. The control defaults to the room owner.


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