How do I kick people out of my room?

You can only kick people out of your own, Public Room. If you want to remove someone from your Group Room, check out this article: How do I remove someone from a group?


You have two options. Click on the:

  1. Chat bubble at the bottom of the screen
    1. Click Kickout
    2. You'll be asked if you're sure. Select Yes.
    3. The name in the chat
  2. Click Flag & Kickout
    1. You'll be asked to select a reason for flagging the user.
    2. Click Submit.

Once kicked, the user will be added to your Blocked list. That's it! The user will be forced out of your room immediately. If they try to rejoin, the room will then display as locked.


  1. Click on the user's chat bubble in the chat, or on the bottom of the screen
  2. Click Kick Out
  3. You'll be asked if you're sure. Select Kick.

Can a kicked user rejoin? It was an accident!

Accidental kicks happen. You can re-invite them to your room or Group at any time.

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