How do I kick people out of my room?


Mini_profile_chat.png Mini_profile_chat_tray.png

You'll find the Kick out option on their mini Profile, as seen above.

  1. Click on their username OR the ... icon to open their Profile
  2. Click Kick out
  3. You'll be asked if you're sure. Select Yes

That's it! The user will be forced out of your room immediately.

If they try to rejoin, the room will then display as locked:


Didn't mean to kick them! How can a kicked user rejoin my room?

Accidental kicks happen. You can re-invite them at any time. Simply have them select the option to "Let YOUR NAME know you're here":


You'll be notified they want to rejoin the chat. Select the check mark to let them join. They can rejoin automatically. If not, have the user refresh the page.


Note: If you do not want them to join, click the X to deny them access.

Rabbit for Mobile (Android, iOS)


To kick users on mobile, simply tap on their avatar. This will bring up a menu with the following options. Select either Block or Kick Out.

                 IMG_0869.PNG IMG_0868.PNG

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