What are Groups?

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Groups are the perfect way to connect with others in Rabbit. You can make a group focused on just about anything—a TV show, a movie, celebrity, fictional character, meme-sharing—you name it.

For now, anyone can join a Group. Group owners can moderate as needed.

Looking for information on Groups for mobile? Click here.

Where to Find Groups


Click the Groups tab on the top of your page. From here, you can take a look through to see which ones you would like to join—or make one of your own. 

On this page you can scroll to find something interesting or click the Explore button in My Groups (under your Suggested Friends list). See a group you like? Hover over its tile and click the orange View button to get more information.

In this same section, you can also find a list of all groups that you have joined.

How to Create Your Own


Creating your own group has been disabled. Sit tight while we tweak this feature!


How to Join


After visiting a Group page and deciding you'd like to join it, you'll find a Join button under the title of the Group. Click it, and you're in.

Screen_Shot_2018-10-16_at_3.27.54_PM.pngGroup Pages


Group Members

By default, the Group landing page will be on the Members feed. This displays other users who have joined the group.

Clicking on Events will allow you to see any events created by group members. Click the three dots next to a user to see the following options: 

  • Add Friend. Send a friend request to the user.
  • Send a message
  • Go to room. Hop into a user's room, or request access to enter.
  • Report. Report the user to Rabbit.
  • Remove user. This option is only available for owners of a group.
  • Unfriend. This option will only appear if you are currently friends with a user.
  • Block. Block the user, remove them from your friends list,


Host a Room

You can send a mass invite to all Group members by clicking the Invite all to my room button on the left side of the screen, underneath the Group name.

The first 25 people to accept the invitation will be able to join your room. If you choose to feature your room, the first 11 people to accept will be able to join.


Share group link

On the Group landing page, there is a three dots button to the right of the room name. Click it to reveal a dropdown menu. Select Share group link to get more people to join and spread the word. 

View or Host Group Events

At the top of the Group landing page, there is an Events tab. Click it.

From here, you can view events hosted specifically for this Group, or Create an event. Click Create an Event to host your own event that is only accessible to members of this Group. Learn how to create an event here.

Events posted in a Group will not appear in the Events page on the Launchpad, however, while Group members are the ones who will primarily be aware of the event, anyone else on Rabbit can also join the event.


How to Moderate a Group

At this time, only the Group creator is able to moderate Group activity.



On the top left of the Group page, you'll see a three dots menu next to the Group name. Click it to see the following options:

  • Share group link. Copy and paste the link anywhere to get more people interested in joining your Group. The owner and all current group members will have the option to 
  • Delete group. This will remove the Group and its history for you and all existing members. Only the owner will have this option available.
  • Report group. Group members or someone visiting a Group landing page will see this option to report inappropriate or questionable activity.
  • Leave group. Group owners cannot leave the group (only delete). Choose this option to no longer be a part of this conversation.

Leaving a Group


Head to the Groups tab and scroll down to My Groups on the left side of the page. Select the Group you would like to leave. Once you are at the Group landing page, you'll see a three dots menu to the right of the Group name. Click it then select Leave group.  

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