What does the button with the exclamation point do?


As of 3/23/18, the feature known as Reactions is no longer available. Loved it? Send us feedback and let us know.


The Reactions feature allows you to record not only what just happened, but also your reaction to what played in the Rabbitcast, add a caption, and post the final product to your feed. When something interesting or awesome happens in a room, you can keep 15 seconds of that memory and post it to your profile.

Currently, this feature is only available for web. We're working to expand features on mobile.

How does it work?


To enable this feature, you need to be in a room with something playing in the Rabbitcast.

On the bottom toolbar, there will be an icon that looks like this: . It will only appear after you've been watching something in the Rabbitcast for at least 15 seconds.

When that button is clicked, a popup window will appear for you to customize your Reaction:

Once the pop-up loads (it might take a few seconds until the preview is available), your options to customize are as follows:

  • Video/Audio. Record your reactions to what *just* happened with both audio and video.  
    • Click Record to get started. Once you record for 15 seconds, you can reposition and resize your video reaction.
  • Audio Only. Use this option if you prefer to only record your voice reaction and keep the camera from recording, .
  • Text Only. Type a caption that you can edit directly onto the video. Change text colors, resize, and reposition until you are ready to post.


  • Caption. Whether your clip has a video reaction, or just audio, or just text, you can also include an additional caption in the lowest field.


Clicked on the wrong option? Maybe you didn't mean to record video, and just wanted text? Or maybe you just want to start over? Click Back on the bottom left corner of the edit window and you will be prompted to start from the beginning, or keep editing. You'll see this pop-up to make your choice:


When you're done editing, you can also control who gets to see your Reaction. 


  • Public. Anyone on or off Rabbit can see your Reaction.
  • Friends Only. Only my friends on Rabbit can see.


And when you're all set, click Post. Depending the settings you chose, others on Rabbit will be able to like and comment on your Reaction. You can share your clip to other social media platforms, too.


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