Does Rabbit save my chat history?

Yes, your Rabbit chat history is saved automatically for private Direct Messages.

Your chat history is saved temporarily in Room chats. The Room chat history is visible to all guests in a room, unless the chat has been cleared by the room owner.

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Does Rabbit monitor my chats?

We do not monitor or read everything that happens in Rabbit (we're a small team!). But we do have tools that flag bad behavior, images, and illegal content to our staff as they're posted in real-time. If content shared is reported, flagged, and/or deemed as illegal, we are required by law to report it to law enforcement agencies.

You can help: If you see something inappropriate or illegal, report it. We want Rabbit to be a fun and inviting place to hang out, and as much as we can, will work with the rest of our community to keep it that way. 

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