Choose How You Want to Use Rabbit!


Sometimes, you just want to use Rabbit alone. Other times, with friends. For big events, with everyone!

Now when you visit your room, you can choose how you want to use Rabbit.

  • Host an Open Room: Your room will display publicly and anyone can join!
    • Tip: If you lock your room, it will no longer be visible and "open" for all. 
  • Start a Private Room: You room will not display publicly. Only those you invite or allow in can join.
  • Allow my friends to hop in: Your room will not display publicly, but will be open for anyone on your friends list - whether your room is locked or not.


  • What if I want my room to display on Rabbit, but keep it locked?
    • Sorry! If your room is open for all, it's gotta be unlocked.
  • My room is public. How do I keep out the trolls?
  • My room is unlocked, but my friend always has to request access. Why's that?
    • If you've ever kicked or blocked them (you know, for funsies) they'll always have to ask to join your room.


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