I'm seeing a black screen, on the Rabbit app

Seeing a black screen on the Rabbit app? Nobody likes to be left out. Let's find out why you're seeing black.

A few things to think about:

- Are you trying to see the Rabbitcast?
- Are you trying to a see a friend's video feed?
- Are you trying to see a shared tab with the Share on Rabbit extension?
- Are you trying to load the app itself?

Black screen with the Rabbitcast

If you see a black screen while watching a Rabbitcast, something maybe blocking the stream.

Can everyone else in the room see the Rabbitcast, but not you?

Something is likely blocking the stream. It's likely an issue with your internet connection.

Here are some things to try:

- Ensure that you're on the latest version of the app
- Quit, then restart the app; try a different network / internet connection
- Switch between wifi and mobile data, or vice versa
- Use a different device; have a laptop, or a smartphone with the Rabbit app? Try it!

If you can see the Rabbitcast feed in a different wifi connection, or on another device, then you'll know where the block's happening. If you can't see the Rabbitcast at all, send us feedback from the room while it's open. There may be something else going on.

Can no one else in the room see the Rabbitcast? 

If no one can see the Rabbitcast, then it might be buggy! Stop the Rabbitcast and start a new one.

Still no luck? Report a problem from the room with details (that no one can see the Rabbitcast, you've tried several). It may be affecting many users, and your feedback will help us investigate! 

Black screen while video chatting

The best fix for all audio and video issues is to have everyone restart the app / web browser.

Still can't see your friend(s)? Try a different network / internet connection - yours might be blocking the video feed. If you continue to have issues, Report a problem from the room while it's happening. 

Black screen on a shared tab 

If you're seeing a black screen while using the Share on Rabbit extension (super rare!), then this might be a bug. Please Report a Problem from the room while it's happening. Include the steps to reproduce so we can do some testing!

Black screen when loading the app

If you see a black screen (or white screen!) when using the app, try the following:

  • Quit, then restart the app
  • Uninstall, and reinstall the app

Still can't see anything? Please shoot us a message to help@rabb.it with details about what's going on. It may be affect a lot of users!


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