I’m having audio issues, on my computer

When was the last time you went to a party that was silent? We'd wait, but the movie's starting! A few questions to narrow down the issue. Can you not hear...

  • The Rabbitcast?
  • Your friend(s)?
  • Anything at all?
  • A Share on Rabbit tab?

Can't hear the Rabbitcast, your friend(s), Share on Rabbit, or anything at all

What's happening on your end?

  • You can hear your friends OR are alone in the room, and cannot hear the Rabbitcast.
  • You're in a room with other people and a Rabbitcast is open. You cannot hear anything or anyone.
  • You're in a room with a Share on Rabbit tab. You cannot hear that tab.

Basic Troubleshooting:

  1. Check that your friend / the Rabbitcast isn't muted
  2. Update to the latest version of Chrome or Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge and Safari are not supported browsers for Rabbit
  3. Quit and restart your browser
  4. Switch to a different browser (Chrome, or Firefox)
  5. Restart your computer to reset the audio feeds

Last scenario: You're with other people, and no one can hear the Rabbitcast.

Quick fix: Stop the Rabbitcast, and start a new one

Still can't hear? Report a problem from the room with details (what you can't hear, you've tried several tips). It may be affecting many users, and your feedback will help us investigate!


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