How do I schedule an event?

Rabbit for Mobile: Creating a scheduled event has been removed in the latest mobile release. We heard your feedback that it’s just too tricky to get everyone together at the same time.

But we’ve got a new feature for that ;). You can share the content that you’re watching in a Group Chat. Other users in the group can hop on and watch it with you, or catch up when it’s convenient for them.

Rabbit on the Web: You can still create an event on the web, but heads up: this feature will be removed soon.

Here’s how to create an event on the web:

  1. Visit the Rabbit homepage
  2. At the top of the page, click More, then Events
  3. On the next page, click Create
    • Add the title for your event
    • Add an optional video link
    • Include the Start and End time for your event
    • Add a few tags to describe your event
    • Upload an image for the event
    • Select who can see the Event: Everyone or Friends Only
  4. Click Create Event


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