Can I lock my Rabbit room?

Your room is always locked when you aren’t there. But what about when you are there, and want some privacy?

  • Rabbit Tidbit: Your room URL is

In the latest release, your own Rabbit room is now public, and anyone who wants to join your room (while you're there) can join it by visiting your room URL directly. 

You cannot manually lock your Rabbit room.

The problem with rooms is that your friends can't leave a message, or hang out and see a show unless you are there. 


Instead, you can create a Group. Groups are designed from the start to be private, only users who've been invited to it and join the Group can see it, chat in it, and share content within it. Here are a few articles to get you started started:

How do I create a group?

How do I invite someone to my group? 

Are all groups private?


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