Where are my Friends on mobile?


Quickly after the release of our latest mobile update, we heard a lot from you about your Friends list. 

A big focus of this mobile update was to make it easier for you to do what people do the most on Rabbit. So we traded out “Friends” and replaced it with "Groups." These Groups let you build communities with friends that stick around for a long time.

Think of these new Groups as Friends lists; create a group and invite your close friends to join it. Only chat with a handful of people? Create a group for each friend, for a private message with each one.

There were some features that not many people used that we removed as part of this update. At the same time, we know there are power users like you who often used Friends and Messages.

As we keep building new features in Rabbit, we’ll be looking to see what needs tweaking based on what the large pool of our users need and interact with.

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