How do I add a content provider?


Adding a content provider makes watching videos easy. Sign in once, and we'll save your login info for next time!

Here's how to add a content provider:


On web, your logins are automatically saved for you when you log into a content provider in the Rabbitcast. No need to add them manually!

Want to remove a login for a content provider?

  1. Click on My Account
  2. Click My Logins
  3. Click the icon next to the content provider you want to remove.


  1. Open your Settings
    • Web: Tap My Account
    • Mobile: Tap the three horizontal lines
  2. Go to My Logins
  3. Tap Add More to add a content provider
    • Select the provider (Hulu, Netflix, etc.)
    • On the page that displays, log into that service.
    • After logging in successfully, you'll be returned to Rabbit.
  4. Check your My Logins page. If the login is there, you're all set!


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