Rabbit Definitions

Rabbitcast? Room? Group? Here's a quick list of Rabbit-speak.

  • Rabbitcast: A virtual computer that lets you watch content with others in real-time.
  • Launchpad: The nav guide that contains movies, TV shows, videos and a search tool for virtually any video online.
  • Group: A collection of Rabbit friends, with similar connections or interests.
    *Rabbit Tidbit: Like watching Friends with your sisters? Create a "Friends with Sis" group for just you!
  • Group Chat: The chat area that only those in your Rabbit group can see.
  • Room: Where you simultaneously chat, watch, and share with others in Rabbit.
    *Rabbit Tidbit: Your Rabbit room is rabb.it/yourusername.
    • Group Room: A room that's exclusive to only those in your Group.
    • Public Room: A room that's public, or live, to everyone in Rabbit. It can be found on the Public Rooms tab.
  • Share on Rabbit: A Google Chrome extension that shares any Chrome tab directly to your room in Rabbit.
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