How do I turn on subtitles for a video?

Want to turn on captions, or subtitles, for a video? This isn't a function built into Rabbit, but you can enable subtitles directly on the video. 

An example of how to do this on Netflix:

  1. Click Explore & Watch to open the launchpad
  2. Click Web, then Netflix
    • This step is important. It gets you to the website within the Rabbitcast, which gives you more controls than going to the content directly in the launchpad.
  3. Log in, select your content, and press Play
  4. Load the video
  5. Hover over the video, and click the captions icon to enable subtitles in your preferred language
  6. Click outside of the menu to save your changes

Want to turn on subtitles for a video on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Youtube? Follow steps 1-4 above, then enable subtitles directly on the video.

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