How do I start a private room?

Here are the steps to create a locked, private room in Rabbit:

  1. Create a Group
  2. Click Explore & Watch
  3. Select content to watch, or go to Web > Google to just open a Rabbitcast
  4. You are now in a locked, invite-only private room

Want to invite someone to join you? Click "Copy Invite Link" above the chat, and share the link with them directly. Once they click it, they can join!

Hey, I'm already in my room and I want to lock it. How do I lock my room?

You cannot lock your personal Rabbit room. See: Can I lock my Rabbit room?

But you can easily move your chat over to a private room in a group.

  1. Open a new tab in your browser, and go to Rabbit
  2. In the My Groups view, either:
    • Create a Group OR
    • Go to an existing Group
  3. Click Explore & Watch
    • Navigate to the content you want to watch privately
  4. In that private room, click Copy Invite Link
  5. Return to your other Rabbit tab, and paste the invite link in the chat
    • When your viewers click that link, they'll be brought directly to your new, private room within the group.
  6. Once everyone has joined, close the other Rabbit tab with the public room.
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