Why was I banned from Rabbit?


If you're seeing a "You're banned" message when visiting Rabbit, then your account has been restricted due to violating our Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines are very clear, and the following is not permitted in Rabbit:

  • Spamming
  • Advertising
  • Vulgar language, name-calling and personal attacks
  • Sexual or other harassment, catfishing and stalking
  • Nudity in a Public Space
  • Pornographic or NSFW Content
  • Illegal Content - sharing or inciting to share

Why was I temporarily banned?

You may have been flagged (they're being annoying, harmful...) by other users, or our team, multiple times due to harmful behavior. You may also have been banned for spamming, advertising, or verbally attacking others.

This ban lasts 7 days, and will lift automatically after it ends.

If you believe the ban was a mistake, send a detailed email to help@rabb.it to appeal it. We may ignore the request if we feel the ban was valid.

Why was I permanently banned?

You may have been flagged an excessive number of times by other users, or our team, due to extremely harmful behavior. You may have been banned for more serious offenses like catifishing, nudity, pornography, or sharing or inciting to share illegal content.

This ban lasts forever, and cannot be lifted or appealed.

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