How do I search for my friends?

How do I search for friends?

Want to look up your friend by their name, username, or email address? Friend search is here!


  1. Anywhere in Rabbit, click on My Friends
  2. In the pop-up, find the Search to Add Friend field
  3. Search by name or username to find your friends


  1. Tap My Friends
  2. Tap the add friends icon on the top right
  3. On the next page, search by name or username to find your friends

How do I find my friend in Rabbit?

Know that your friend is somewhere in Rabbit, but not sure where? Check your notifications from Rabbit for a link to join them!

Don't have a link? Send them a message from your Friends list to sync up.

My Friends > Name > Orange icon

How do I search for a room?

Looking for a room showing specific content? Room search is not available, but it's on our request list. 

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