Lagging, poor quality, and connection issues

Rabbit is all about watching anything with anyone, which is definitely hard to do when it's laggy. But your experience in Rabbit largely depends on your own internet connection, its strength, and your device.

Are you on a private network at home, but your family of vampires is sucking up your bandwidth?  Are on you a school network, with a school-owned device and an old browser? Are you on an Android tablet using mobile data on the road? Many factors can impact how Rabbit works for you.

Check out the Minimum requirements for Rabbit.

When you're having connectivity issues in Rabbit, you may see things like:

  • Video doesn't load (your connection times out)
  • Share on Rabbit extension issues
  • Lagging video, choppy audio, or a slow cursor
  • Black screen in place of the video
  • Drops in audio or video streams (video chat, or the Rabbitcast)
  • Error messages like "Ruh roh" "Unable to Connect" or bunnies hopping

If you're having connection issues in Rabbit, try these tips:

On Web 

If you're on a computer or laptop, this sections for you.

  • Lower the Rabbitcast quality
    • Click the gear icon, then Low quality
  • Restart your router
  • Restart your browser, or try another (Chrome or Firefox preferred)
  • Disable ad blockers, privacy settings on your router, and security plugins
    • These may block WebRTC
  • Close other tabs and windows, and any downloads in progress
  • Check your speed at
  • Try a different network / internet connection
    • Use a wired connection instead of wifi
    • Your phone's mobile hotspot is a quick way to test this
On Mobile 
If you're on a iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, check this out.
  • Ensure that you're on the latest version of the app
  • Quit, then restart the app
  • Close other apps in the background. They can bog down your device
  • Try a different network / internet connection
    • Use wifi instead of mobile data
  • Try using a different device
    • If you notice a difference, that'll help pinpoint the issue

But all other sites work fine! Rabbit is a special unicorn, powered by WebRTC. You're not just connecting to our website, but to the Rabbitcast video, sites within the launchpad that hold the videos, and to microphone and camera streams. Your cursor controlling the Rabbitcast? That's another connection that needs to be stable and strong.

My friend is having connection issues!

Good news - your connection doesn't impact anyone else's connection in Rabbit. Ex. If the room owner is having a laggy time, it will have zero impact on anyone else's experience. 

Send your friend a link to this blog post. If these tips don't help, ask them to send us feedback from the room while experiencing issues, and explain what's happening. (This goes for you, too!)

How to send feedback in Rabbit:

Click My Account > Support > Don't see what you're looking for? > Connection Issues

My computer is brand new, and my connection is faster than a jackrabbit.

If you are confident that your device and network are not the problem, check with other viewers in the room. Are they having issues, too?

Yes: Sounds like a major issue, impacting everyone (not just you and your room). Let us know.

No, just you: Sorry to say it... but something on your end is slowing you down. Visit while using Rabbit. You may notice slower than normal speeds, especially if you're using Chrome, which is a known bandwidth hog

Huh? I'm alone: Grab your results from while having the issue, and send us feedback with the details. We might not have a fix, but we'll be able to look for trends!

Connection issues aren't fun. But we hope these tips helped! If they did (or didn't) let us know by voting below 👇

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