How do I invite my friends?

Rabbit's no fun alone! We've got two beautiful buttons to help you invite friends to join you:

Invite Friends to a room:


  1. Click Invite Friends
  2. In the popup, choose an option to send your room link in an invite

Once they click on your room link, they'll be brought to your room.

Invite Friends to a Group


  1. Click Invite Friends to Group
  2. In the popup, choose an option to send your group link in an invite

Once they click on your group link, they'll be added to your group. From there, you can start a room to watch videos together, or stick around to plot your world takeover.

But I want to invite someone from My Friends list...

This feature isn't available yet. It's being worked on (we promise) but will take a while to work out the functions with our new layout. For now, share your room link directly, and you'll be all set.

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